AI2ES Senior Leadership Team Members Publish in Physics Today

Drs. Amy McGovern (University of Oklahoma), Philippe Tissot (Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi), and Ann Bostrom (University of Washington) have co-authored the paper “Developing trustworthy AI for weather and climate”, published in Physics Today (Volume 77, Issue 1; January 2024). 

“By improving the prediction, understanding, and communication of powerful events in the atmosphere and ocean, artificial intelligence can revolutionize how communities respond to climate change.”

Read the full article here



Images of turtles in small pools after being rescued from a cold water snap.
Sea turtles were rescued off the coast of Texas by volunteers in February 2022 (left) and January 2018 (right) after the successful prediction of a cold-stunning weather event by an artificial-intelligence-based forecasting model. After measurements of the turtles were taken, they were transported to a rehabilitation facility. (Courtesy of AI2ES.)