Research Overview

Synergistic Research

AI2ES has three synergistic research research foci that are tightly integrated and directly address our vision. Each of the focus areas is intertwined, creating a synergistic cycle that will enable us to realize the broad vision of AI2ES. 

Our overarching goals include the creation of new trustworthy AI methods, the discovery of novel scientific theories and improving understanding about fundamental environmental science processes, novel approaches to understanding trust between humans and AI methods in a variety of situations and for multiple types of end-users, and the creation of long-term educational pathways that will improve the diversity of the AI and environmental science workforce.

The synergistic research will then be used to broaden participation at multiple levels and to develop a modern workforce that can harness AI and ML for the benefit and safety of society.

AI2ES equation

The foundational research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Environmental Science (ES), and Risk Communication (RC) forms a virtuous cycle. The broadening participation and workforce development plans build on this research to expand our impact.

To develop meaningful and novel approaches to trustworthy AI for environmental science, it is necessary for scientists to have a deep understanding of the nature of AI and environmental science. They must also have a deep appreciation for the nature of environmental science user trust and risk perceptions, information processing, and decision making (Focus 3). This integrated convergent approach will enable the development of trustworthy AI systems (Focus 1) and risk communication techniques (Focus 3) that foster appropriate levels of trust by environmental science decision makers (Focus 2). By integrating across all three research foci, AI2ES creates a synergistic and novel transformative collaboration that will address these concerns.