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Job postings and ways the public can interact with the AI2ES Center


Interested in becoming part of the AI2ES Center? Open positions funded by the Center are listed here.

Contact links with details are provided in each listing.  Apply to each position directly, not through this site.

Colorado State University

Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Barnes

Ph.D. Graduate Student 

Location: Fort Collins, CO, USA

Description:  Professor Elizabeth Barnes  in the  Dept. of Atmospheric Science  at Colorado State University is looking for a graduate student to join her Climate Dynamics & Data Science research group. The project relates to developing and applying explainable AI to subseasonal weather forecasting and relevant climate applications.  An ideal background of computer science and atmospheric science is optimal, but not essential, for this position. 

Contact Professor Barnes to learn more

Climate Dynamics & Data Science Group   

 Dept. of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

Postdoc Fellow I – Social or Interdisciplinary Scientist

Location: Boulder, CO, USA

Description: As the Postdoc Fellow you will conduct risk communication, risk perception, and decision-making research with a focus on AI/machine learning for weather, sub-seasonal to seasonal (S2S) climate, and coastal hazards. The postdoctoral fellows will conduct mixed-method, interdisciplinary research to identify and evaluate what trustworthiness means for expert users of AI in their risk management and decision-making contexts, and to iteratively guide and evaluate AI-information development and use.

In addition, this two-year term position will be affiliated with UCAR/NCAR and will work with Dr. Julie Demuth, co-lead of the risk communication research for the Institute. The fellows will also work closely with other institute personnel at NCAR and across AI2ES.

Link to position details

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

Supervisor: Dr. Philippe Tissot

Ph.D. Graduate Student

Location: Corpus Christi, TX, USA

Description: PhD position developing machine learning (ML) models to contribute to the sustainability of sea turtles.

Research will include developing ensemble ML models, characterizing and communicating their variability, and interacting with stakeholders. This position is part of the NSF AI Institute for Research on Trustworthy AI in Weather, Climate, and Coastal Oceanography and is within the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Coastal and Marine System Science PhD program. 

Contact Professor Tissot to learn more

NCAR/ UCAR Earth Observing Laboratory

Student Internship: SUPER

Location: Boulder, CO, USA

Description: Summer Undergraduate Program for Engineering Research (SUPER) interns help develop new instrumentation and improve EOL’s existing suite of NSF/NCAR lower atmosphere observing facilities. Most internships also offer the opportunity to gain practical experience operating facilities in the field by deploying on one of our NSF-funded research projects.

Interns are encouraged to develop their own engineering solutions as they work with and are mentored by professional, experienced engineers and technicians. During the internship, interns have access to a large number of resources such as sophisticated testing and calibration instruments, technical documentation, state-of-the art fabrication capabilities.

See the SUPER website to learn more 

University Corporation For Atmospheric Research

Student Internship: SOARS

Location: Boulder, CO, USA

Description: Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS) is an undergraduate-to-graduate bridge program designed to broaden participation of historically underrepresented communities in the atmospheric and related sciences.

Our Program is designed to promote and support research, mentoring and community. SOARS Protégés can participate for up to four (4) summers conducting research in atmospheric and earth-system sciences. SOARS offers comprehensive financial support for summer research, conference travel, as well as undergraduate and graduate school funding. Over 90% of SOARS Protégés advance to graduate school; and many have entered the workforce with the MS degree, and/or continued onto the PhD degree.

See the SOARS website to learn more

National Center For Atmospheric Research

Student Internship: SIParCS

Location: Boulder, CO, USA

Description: For graduate and undergraduate university students. The Summer Internship in Parallel Computational Science (SIParCS) program embeds students as summer interns in the Computational and Information Systems Laboratory, an organization within NCAR charged with provisioning supercomputing and data systems to the geosciences research community. 

See the SIParCS website to learn more 

Colorado State University

Mentor: Dr. Imme Ebert-Uphoff

PostDoctoral Fellow

Location: Ft. Collins, CO, USA

Description: This Postdoctoral Fellowship is a 12-month appointment with a flexible start date between February 2021 and July 2021, and option to renew for up to two additional years contingent upon performance and funding. The individual in this fellowship will explore how best to utilize machine learning approaches, including explainable AI methods and physics-guided machine learning, for meteorological applications. Focus will be on, but not limited to, working with satellite imagery. The goal is to improve both predictive abilities for high-impact weather and understanding of atmospheric processes, with key emphasis on the application of tropical cyclones, including tropical cyclone evolution and rapid intensification. Additional meteorological applications will be considered based upon the fellow’s interests and CIRA’s needs. The individual in this fellowship will report to CIRA’s Machine Learning Lead and Research Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and work closely with the lead of CIRA’s Tropical Cyclone Group. The individual in this fellowship will be expected to establish strong collaborations with CIRA & NOAA research staff and members of the AI2ES team in CSU’s Computer Science and Atmospheric Science departments, as well as other AI2ES partner institutions. This is an exciting, high-impact position that provides a great opportunity for a motivated researcher to push the boundaries of AI research in several weather/climate applications and to explore innovative approaches while working in a highly stimulating and interdisciplinary team environment.

Link to position details

Public Engagement

Opportunities for the public to be involved with the AI2ES Center.

Details to be posted soon. 

Please contact us to learn how you can become involved.