AI2ES Talks

Talks by and to AI2ES Team members. Less formal than presentations.

Site-wide Talks


  • March 2: Cognitive Engineering and the NASEM report on Human-AI teaming – Emilie Roth, Roth Cognitive Engineering
  • February 16: Probabilities, Verification and Decisions – John Williams, IBM; Philippe Tissot, TAMU-CC; Brian Colburn, TAMU-CC
  • February 2: Climate Research at PARC – Kalai Ramea, PARC
  • January 19: Introduction to Collaborative Coding – David John Gagne and Charlie Becker, NCAR; Antonio Medrano, TAMU-CC; Kevin Tyle, UAlbany. Presentation Slides; Recording



Other Talks


  • July 22-23: AI2ES Research Experiences for Undergraduates – final 12-minute presentations. 7/22 Recording; 7/23 Recording
  • June 28: Explainable AI for Environmental Science: Insights on strengths and weaknesses of different neural network attribution maps – Antonios Mamalakis, CSU. Presentation Slides; Recording