AI2ES Talks

Talks by and to AI2ES Team members. Less formal than presentations.

Site-wide Talks


  • October 27: presentation by Dean Kaye Husbands Fealing, Georgia Tech
  • October 13: Risk Communication research design, sampling, “hand-labeling”, reliability and validity (tentative)
  • September 29: Verification and Reliability – Dimitrios Diochnos, OU; Andrew Fagg, OU; Monte Flora, NOAA; David John Gagne, NCAR; Nate Snook, OU; John Williams, IBM
  • September 15: Introduction to PARC – Kalai Ramea / Introduction to Radiant Earth – Hamed Alemohammad
  • September 1: Safe and Fair Machine Learning: A Seldonian Approach – Philip Thomas, UMass. Presentation SlidesRecording
  • August 18: AI2ES Educational and Outreach Year 2 transition and planning.
  • June 23: GANs for Meteorology – a pitfall for creating false – Randy Chase, OU; Imme Ebert-Uphoff, CSU; David John Gagne, NCAR. Presentation Slides; Recording
  • June 9: Trust in AI literature and the AI-severe-RC interview – Ann Bostrom, UW; Julie Demuth, NCAR; New Postdocs and GRA students. Presentation Slides; Recording
  • May 26: REU Lightning talks – mentors / Abstention Networks – Elizabeth Barnes, CSU. Presentation Slides-REU; Presentation Slides-Barnes; Recording
  • May 12: Google Crisis Response. Recording
  • April 28: Responsible Use of AI – Imme Ebert-Uphoff, CSU. Presentation Slides; Recording
  • April 14: Sea Turtles Conservation – Donna Shaver, NPS. Presentation Slides; Recording
  • March 31: Introduction to NVIDIA – David Hall. Presentation Slides; Recording
  • March 17: Disaster Tech – Sean Griffin and Andrew Foster. Recording
  • March 3: Introduction to CSU/Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA). Presentation Slides; Recording
  • February 17: Introduction to The Weather Company/IBM – John Williams / Campbell Watson. Presentation Slides-Williams; Presentation Slides-Watson; Recording
  • February 3: Introduction to Google’s AI for Weather & Climate team – Jason Hickey. Recording


Other Talks


  • July 22-23: AI2ES Research Experiences for Undergraduates – final 12-minute presentations. 7/22 Recording; 7/23 Recording
  • June 28: Explainable AI for Environmental Science: Insights on strengths and weaknesses of different neural network attribution maps – Antonios Mamalakis, CSU. Presentation Slides; Recording