Dr. Amy McGovern presents AI2ES to NSF and Congress

Amy McGovern, Director of the AI2ES Institute, presented the Institute’s work to the National Science Foundation and members of Congress on 18 – 19 September 2023  

“The goal was to showcase the amazing breadth and depth of the work being done in AI across the nation,” McGovern explained.

Dr. McGovern was joined by AI2ES member Dr. Kara Sulia, a research associate at the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center (ASRC) at the University at Albany and Director of the xCITE Laboratory, a high-end machine learning, data analytics, and scientific visualization facility located at ASRC.

Together, they informed decision makers about the groundbreaking research that AI2ES scientists are conducting developing and applying novel AI methods to weather, climate, and oceanography. Their hands-on demonstrations of severe weather, tropical cyclones, and winter weather interested non-stop visitors from a variety of congressional offices, including staffers from both senators and representatives as well as people from other government agencies, McGovern said. 




Dr. McGovern and Kara Sulia at AI on the Hill table
Drs. Amy McGovern (L) and Kara Sulia at the “AI on the Hill” event