Pioneering Coastal Artificial Intelligence

The Coastal Bend AI2ES team participated in the TAMU-CC Research and Innovation Week on March 29, 2022, 

Featured Speakers Dr. Philippe Tissot and Councilman Greg Smith presented: “Pioneering Coastal Artificial Intelligence”. The presentation focused on how TAMU-CC became a pioneer and trailblazer in Coastal Artificial Intelligence and was followed by a discussion with the audience. Several AI2ES students also participated in the event including panelists PhD student Marina Vicens Miquel and Undergraduate Research Assistant Beto Estrada.

Pictured: from left to right, top row then bottom row, Jennifer Vela, Vice President for Texas State Aquarium and moderator, Waylon Collins (NWS & AI2ES), Corpus Christi Councilman Greg Smith, Beto Estrada, Judy Millien, Evan Krell, Dr. Antonio Medrano, Dr. Philippe Tissot, TAMU-CC Vice President Mahdy, Marina Vicens Miquel, Miranda White and Ashley Marines.

Coastal Bend AI2ES team