Dr Thorcroft talking to Don Buyer about AI for weather


Dr. Christopher Thorncroft (UAlbany) and Dr. Maria Molina (UMD) and Dr Amy McGovern (OU) represented AI2ES at the AI Aspirations: R&D for Public Missions on AI for Weather discussion in Washington DC on June 13, 2024. The AI Aspirations initiative is part of President Biden’s executive order focused on harnessing the benefits and mitigating the risks of AI. At the event, Dr. Thorncroft and Dr. Molina gave hands-on demos about AI2ES’s research and highlighted how AI for weather predictions can help to save lives and property. Additionally, Dr. Thorncroft and Dr. Molina emphasized AI2ES’s commitment to trustworthy AI and its ethical considerations, which are integral to our mission. Overall, the AI Aspirations event focused on a wide variety of impacts that AI can have on the lives of all citizens of the US. Beyond weather, this included healthcare and education as well as many others. 

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