AI2ES Newsletter Inaugural Issue, January 2023

The inaugural issue of the AI2ES Institute’s newsletter is now available! 

Look for the monthly newsletter to keep up with the many activities, events, and opportunities related to the AI2ES Institute. With eight academic partners, nine industry partners, a federally funded research lab, and a federal agency partner, AI2ES has a lot going on!

Thanks to AI2ES’s new social media intern Raven Reese for spearheading the Newsletter’s writing and layout. 


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Read the January 2023 AI2ES Newsletter

Highlights of this special American Meteorological Society (AMS) issue: 

  • AMS Annual Meeting 
  • AI2ES @ AMS meeting 
  • Presidential Sessions
  • Student Spotlight: Evan Krell
  • AI2ES Contributions to the AMS annual meeting
  • AMS Awards Recipients
  • First Cohort Graduation
  • AMS Photo Gallery link
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Recent Publications
  • Q&A: What is Chat GPT? Do you see its popularity as a benefit or detriment to the AI community?