Day 4 Discussion

scatter plot of forecast intensity errors

On day 4, we learned about quantifying and communicating uncertainty. In the trust-a-thon session today, we want you to investigate uncertainties in the tropical problem and reflect on what you have learned throughout the week. 

Please have one of your team members reply in the comments to to each of these questions after discussing them with the team. If you have not commented on the posts from the previous days, please add your thoughts there as well. 

Here is the TAI4ES Tropical notebook for reference.

Discussion prompts

  1. Building on what we covered in the lecture today, how would you quantify uncertainty for your model? And how would you communicate that uncertainty to your end user?
  2. We’ve covered a lot in the summer school, take some time to reflect on what stood out to you and what really resonated. Take some time to think about what you all learned, what you still want to learn, and where you’re going from here.


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