Dr. Amy McGovern explains applications of AI for weather and airline safety on national news

Amy McGovern, Director of the AI2ES Institute, was interviewed on CBS News Live about how the airline industry can use AI to improve flight conditions and protect assets from weather hazards on 9 May 2023. Interviewers Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green were very interested in how AI how can augment existing systems such as cockpit radar to make flights smoother and safer. Dr. McGovern explained trustworthy AI for very near-term weather prediction for for airlines as well as other applications.  

While AI is in the news a lot lately, this project’s development of AI specifically to meet the needs of end users makes the AI2ES Institute relevant and applicable, Dr. McGovern explained. 



Amy McGovern on CBS News Live

The discussion of trustworthy, useful AI on a national news program helps to elevate the conversation and inform the national audience of the benefits and applications of Artificial Intelligence. 

Watch the full CBS News interview

Amy McGovern on CBS News